Thursday, January 20, 2005

Smell the Coffee

It's true. Sometimes you have to wake up and smell the coffee. I had planned to run a very easy 10K last night. That was right up until the point in the afternoon where I climbed a single flight of stairs and was left bent over and gasping for breath at the top. And did I mention that I was light headed? I then did something unusually intelligent for yours truly. I called for an appointment with my physician. Judging from the rattling and wheezing sounds coming from where my lungs are supoosed to be, I suspect I may have a touch of brochitis. However, as I have yet to finish medical school I'll leave the final prognosis to Dr. Boris.

And the rain continues to come down in Vancouver. The whole world is a soggy mess. Where's the silver lining in all those rain clouds? In keeping with my focus on my long-term goals, I also cancelled my cross-training session for Thursday. I was supposed to spend 45 minutes training and 45 minutes sparring with a friend of mine at Contenders Gym. JW is preparing for his first fight in a few months and as he is short of sparring partners, I have volunteered my services. However, in my current condition, I don't think I'd represent much of a challenge. And much as I like JW, I don't really want to be a semi-mobile punching bag.

The only benefit to this bout is that whatever bug has bitten me has resulted in me being put off my feed. I have lost a couple of pounds this week, just from feeling really crappy. My weight has dipped below 200 pounds for the first time this year. Not a weight loss regimen I'd reccomend to anyone.


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