Friday, September 15, 2006

Life in the Countryside

After nearly two weeks of radiant sunshine, temperatures in the 30s or 90s (take your temperature of choice...), and cloud free azure skies, the mercury has taken a decided tumble south. Yesterday the temperature dropped precipitously in the morning under grey skies and in the early afternoon it began to rain. The deluge has continued through the night. Actually; it is a bit of relief to get some respite from a sun that was beginning to feel a trifle relentless.

I ran for forty minutes yesterday at a moderate pace. No watch, no heart rate monitor, no gadgets of any kind... Just went for an easy run on a cool morning. Felt wonderful. Afterwards I walked for a couple of hours through several small villages, wandering along a meandering path that dates back many centuries and that was and is used by people on pilgrammage to Spain, which is hundreds of miles to the South. Some say the paths along the ridges which overlook the river have been in use for millenia. To a time before the Romans and before the Gauls. I even walked over an area where Julius Caesar was encamped during one of his campaigns to expand the Roman Empire.

My latest strategy to deal with all the incredible food has been to switch from croissants with my coffee in the morning to bananas, or fruit salad. At this point I am merely trying to hold my position, weight-wise! Fortunately, in addition to the fois gras and the cheese courses, and the wine, you also get served wonderful salads and locally-grown vegetables. Everyone here seems very conscious of eating food that is locally grown - and organic, or "Bio" as the French say, if at all possible.


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With that kinda life.....why come home?????

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