Monday, February 18, 2008

Small Miracles and Selfless Acts

In accordance with my Father's wishes as expressed in his Living Will to be an Organ Donor, after he died, he was able, as his last act, to donate his eyes.

His decision to be an Organ Donor meant that his corneas and retinas were harvested shortly after his death and will enable several people to regain their vision.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to see the world through my Father's eyes, but whomever received those donations, will be getting facets of eyes that saw the world through a unique prism and in nearly seventy years saw an extraordinary number of people, places and experiences.

That his eyes will go on seeing, that in his last act he was able to help other people see, would have meant a great deal to my Father.

In lieu of flowers, my Father wanted people to make donations, should they so desire, to St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.

Arrangements for donations can be made on the St. Paul's Hospital web site -

On the front page of the web site there is a Link to "Donations", and it takes you to the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation.

The Official Charitable Registration Number: 11925 7939 RR0001

If you have any questions about Donations, you can cal St. Paul's Hospital Foundation at (604) 682-8206 or fax (604) 806-8326.

I am still in awe of the kind care that Dad received from the wonderful Staff, Nurses and Doctors in the Coronary Care Unit and in the Palliative Care Ward.  Donations made to either of those two units would be greatly appreciated.

On a personal note, thank you on behalf of myself and all of our family for your heartfelt messages of sympathy and your condolences.  They are greatly appreciated.


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