Monday, February 07, 2005

Take the Long Way Home

You just can't beat the long Sunday run. It really is the highlight of my running week and something I look forward to with eager anticipation.

This Sunday I awoke to mixed rain and snow as the temperature hovered around 1C. So it was back to multiple layers, a hat and gloves and long tights. I have nothing but admiration for those people with the drive, determination and discipline to actually train in weather below freezing and in the snow. I can suck it up for those conditions for a few weeks, but months? My toque is off to you.

Sunday's training schedule called for a 19K, so we trotted around the Seawall, headed over the Burrard Street Bridge to Kits Pool and back. It took considerable effort to keep my little bunnies to a pace of a minute over race pace. So I had to play the Pace Nazi a little more than I would like. Part of it was the fact that my 3:45 pace group had ballooned from a dozen to twenty people. A few out of towners which is always nice, and a few local first timers, also encouraging.

After the 19K, a half dozen of us tacked on another 10K, and I increased the pace to at least two and a half minutes over race pace and had us doing 5 and 1s. We finished the 29K in a little over three hours. As fabulous as today's technical fibres are for wicking away swaet, they certainly don't insulate you from the cold. We headed out as a group afterwards for a hot breakfast and a few gallons of hot drinks.

And I have found the ultimate Running Route Mappers website. This site is amazing. And I've checked and double-checked the accuracy. It's just incredibly well-done. You MUST check this site out! It gets 5 STARS from Vince.


Blogger Ed said...

Vince - thanks for the tip on my blog re: lacing up the shoes. I'll be checking that out for sure. Can't wait to check out the link you posted in today's blog - looks great!

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