Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Still Life in the Old Girl Yet...

Tuesday Night's Tempo Run - 8K in 33:08. An easy run with lots to spare. Nothing beats twelve hours of sleep - sheep? - the night before, a massage and steam for two hours and then a two hour nap in the afternoon. Oh, why can't I be a sponsored athlete? Posted by Picasa

Scooter's Post:


I don't know the formula used for extrapolating VO2max, but feel necessary to remind you that as you become smaller, you lose both muscle mass and blood volume. I'm not sure of the nuances, but think this would tend to make any sort of linear extrapolation of VO2max tend to run high. It's nice to figure you'd go to 80, but the truth is likely at least somewhat different. --Posted by Scooter to Boston or Bust - One Man's Journey to the Mecca of Marathoners at 9/07/2005 01:22:21 PM

Scooter, couldn't agree with you more. I have forwarded your comments to my German Genius Engineer and it will be interesting to get his insight.

But at least half the fun of this whole exercise is the "bench-racing" that all guys, and especially racers, have a tendency to do...

"If I added a camshaft with a little more intake lift and exhaust overlap, ported and polished the intake manifold, got a three-angle valve job, bumped my compression ratio two points, went to larger fuel injectors and added headers and a dual exhaust with a crossover pipe I could get at least 125 more horsepower..."

You know what car guys are like.

Runners are more like...

"If I change Gels, try these new supplements I've heard about, drop 4% body fat and add intervals and speed work twice a week, increase my lactate threshold on my tempo runs by at least 2%, and race in the new Asics Nimbus Gel VIIs, I think I can drop two minutes off of my 10K time..."

Or 23 minutes off of their best marathon time...

Now try and tell me you haven't heard THAT conversation a hundred times!


Blogger Scooter said...

"Now try and tell me you haven't heard THAT conversation a hundred times!"

WRONG!, Vince. I haven't heard that conversation a hundred times. It's usually modifying one or maybe two things, and the count is more like a THOUSAND!

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