Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ironman or Ironhead? No, Iron Wallet!

My good friend Anthony Epp has his own Blog about training and preparing for another Ironman...

Anyways, today I have hi-jacked Anthony's Post, and it is eery as Hell, because after the Marathon Clinic last night - that's right, I'm back with the Gang helping them prepare for the Vancouver Marathon - we went for our usual Half-Price Pasta at Ciao Bella, owned by fellow runner and all-around good guy, Mario, and a big part of the conversation centered around the "high cost" of supposedly "low cost" activities like running. My sticker shock at the costs involved in the Ironman were front and center. Or as I have come to call it, "the Madness..."

In Anthony's own words:

Here is a breakdown of my projected costs for the year:

Entry fee: $575
Entry fee for 2 half Ironman races: $175 each ($350)
Bike maintenance: $1,000
Bike shoes and helmut: $250-300
Running shoes: $500 (3 pairs at least)
Swimsuit: $50
Coaching: $1,200
Travel & accommodation for all races: $2000
Nutrition: $600
Massage: $1000 (for the year)
TOTAL: approximately $7,500
That's what I KNOW of...

Without the new bike idea (which, in retrospect, looks like just lunacy right now).

Ironman need Iron Credit Card!

Like I said, utter MADNESS!

Unlike Anthony I have just popped $1,200 for a new bike. Thank God the Old Man got carried away and popped for my new helmet...

I haven't even STARTED trying on wet-suits yet and know that by the time I am finished paying all the taxes I am going to be out seven or eight hundred dollars...

Only three pairs of runners!?! Anthony is living in a dream world! I go through at LEAST a dozen pairs a year....

LOng story short. Ten grand at least... TEN GRAND!

I nearly had a heart attack when Hugh told me I'd probably go through five - "FIVE" - sets of tires...

And if I get crazy with a bike trainer.... Another five hundred beans!


Blogger Anthony Epp said...

Actually, Vince, you're right about the shoes. I forgot to factor in the ones I have ALREADY bought for this year... So, probably about 5-6 pairs. That being said, when you train for Ironman, you run less :)....

3:09:00 PM  

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