Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Momentary Lapse of Reason...

There is no disputing that running a Marathon (I know, I know - not racing) every two weeks probably causes a little brain damage that manifests itself as a low-grade hallucination.

And every once in a while a Blog has to fall prey to an inside joke.

The truth of the matter is that I am a hardware hound and when I was flying up north for the Smithers Mountain Madness Marathon I was aghast to learn from Justin that there probably WEREN'T going to be any finishing medals!

I mean come on!

It's true.

I am a medal whore...

So Justin and I had long conversations about running marathons for the love of the sport and running and the joy of the open road and endless blue skies and the love of the pack and your running buddies and not needing any medals to achieve a sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment and a whole bunch more tripe that was pure hogwash!@*#!

Once in Smither's, Justing and I found out that we made up 25% of the field. No, seriously, there were only eight people running the full marathon. And about a hundred more running the Half Marathon.

So we talked Aidan, Justin's brother who hadn't run in six months, into doing the marathon with us to round out the field to ten (it only ever got to nine)...

Aidan's heart rate popped up to 180 plus at the halfway mark during the marathon as the temperature crept towards 80 degrees, so we punted him at the Half Marathon mark (we didn't want to break him).

A subsequent search on Google! revealed that it hit 27.5 degrees Celsius in Smithers on Sunday, or a whopping 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Justin and I sauntered in at 5:01 and change after running a beautiful and unbelievably scenic marathon course through the back country gravel roads around Smithers and Telkwa.

My average heart rate for the entire marathon was 127. My maximum heart rate was 144.

A great Sunday Long Run and a wonderful training run for the Stormy 67K Ultramarathon Trail race I will be running in early August.

Justin and I finished tied for 6th and 7th Overall.

And young Justin Callison was the only one in his class - hence, our amazement and astonishment when the announcement rang out that he was the new Smithers Mountain Madness Marathon Open Male Champion!

The Overall Winner and Masters Winner finished in 3:10. A very respectable time in the heat and hills of Smithers.

So after all my moaning about Justin and I flying six hundred miles to run in our home town - we both graduated from Smithers Senior Secondary High School - and not getting any marathon medals, Justin - the tricky little bastard - goes out and wins his class and gets the Champion's Medal.

I am sure it was the low blood sugar, but we howled with laughter for hours.

I have been taking the piss at poor Justin's expense ever since...

Hope the strange string of Dog Blogs now makes sense.

Justin in his very own Middle Earth Epic as the Male Open Champion saving Cactus Jack and Panhandle Slim from Marathon Medal Madness, also known as the "Precious"...

Apologies to Peter Jackson and all Lord of the Rings fans...


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