Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life at Home... Yawn!

Yes, I realize I haven't posted anything in two weeks. Not much to say for a change. Although I have been threatening to start a restaurant review Blog after some recent dining disasters. I'd like to dish out the dirt on dining in Vancouver some day. Some spectacular local restaurants but lots of dogs thrown into the mix... As usual, I digress.

No rest for the wicked. But oh, if only I were engaged in sin. Instead I am trying to get caught up on all the mundane aspects of life that have a habit of intruding when you have taken a month-long sabbatical. So, in reality, it's no rest for the boring either. I guess I should thank you for missing me, and asking what the Hell am I up to and have I died... No, not yet.

Writing and painting and Fall Cleaning, and painting and writing and trying to get my life squared away and MY CAR BROKE DOWN!

Yes, my car ate its transmission last Thursday and an imploded gear box has all kinds of ramifications. The main one being that i am on foot... For at least a week. The second being that I have even more reasons to keep my beak to the grindstone to earn the moolah necessary to get mobile again. And then I have to face up to the fact that my faithful Miata really does have over two hundred thousand Ks on the odometer, not unlike myself, and that it is time to get serious about finding a replacement... Sob!

It is helping me trim off the French fois gras fat I piled on in September. I am back down to 195-196 pounds...

Last week I was working on a site that was a forty-five minute walk from my hovel. So that was an hour and a half of walking at a brisk pace every day. Add in the two half hour walks that my dogs get and you can see the mileage adding up. Toss in eight or ten hours of physical labour six out of every seven days and you can see some calories being burned... Add in several hours of writing every day for The Vanishing Tattoo - www.vanishingtattoo.com - and you can see my free time being burned...

Not much new to report. Skipped the Royal Victoria Marathon this past Canadian Thanksgiving weekend because my heart simply wasn't in it. Had enough running for a while. Have managed to get in a 10K run every other day. Some fast, some easy. Have tackled a couple of 20K longer runs since I returned from Europe.

Still expecting to do Boston next Spring. Would like to be in good shape and fast to give the course its due respect.

Have no real desire for now to start the training necessary to do an Ironman next summer.

Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the next half of my life.

Had an interesting time at www.RealAge.com After answering all their questions about my health and lifestyle, the RealAge.com site said my 'real' age was 36 and not 46. Of course, if they had simply asked any of the women I've dated they could just as easily have learned that I've rarely acted my age and have often been accused of being immature. RealAge.com has now confirmed it scientifically.

Running-wise, the end of October for the last few years has meant the Cunningham Seawall Race - 9.5Km - so I AM looking forward to that.

Might even work up a sweat!


Blogger Lora said...

I'm just exhausted after reading this......lemme go lie down....

11:41:00 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

a) sounds like you could use a bike
b) a Miata should be good for 150-180K miles (250-300K km)
c) good to hear you're well

2:38:00 AM  

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