Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Boston Marathon Weather Forecast

The are a few things I can tell you for sure about the Boston Marathon this year.

I will be wearing a Red Bib bearing the number - 11783.

I will be starting in the second wave and crossing the start line a few seconds after 10:30 AM on Monday, April 16.

And I will be wet.

Well, maybe the last one isn't an absolute bet-the-farm-and-the-kids-Martha for sure thing. But it is increasingly looking that way.

Wet and cold, if I was being a stickler for detail, and I usually am...

This is the Boston Weather Forecast - as determined by the good folks at the Weather Bureau in Boston - Monday - Rain likely. Rain may be heavy at times in the morning. Windy with highs in the lower 40s. Chance of rain 70 percent.

And thank you to M.Tate for the delightful little tidbit about a Nor'easter with Category 1 Hurricane strength winds that will be hitting the Eastern Seaboard around abouts Boston way some time on Sunday...

A Nor'easter ya say, boy!? Yes, Pops, that's a crisp little zephyr that blows out of the Northeast, you know, from Canada and Greenland and points out over the North Atlantic, where all the frost and snow and iceburg calfing grounds lay. You know, the place that is home to polar bears and marine mammals like whales and seals and walrus, the animals that keep warm with six inches of blubber over their kidneys and other tasty bits. Like me in the weeks right after Christmas...

A Category 1 Hurricane ya say, boy!? Yes, Pops, or as my old sailing instructor used to say, that's the category above a mere piddling Tropical Storm with mild breezes of 39 - 73 knots. Ya boy, yor Category 1 is a stiff blow, with winds of 73 - 95 knots, the winds that will stand a man up when he leans into the wind, and push back! The point where all the smart Captains batten down the hatches, reef in the main sail and hunker down to wait out the wind...

From the Northeast you say... Yes, lad, we'll be running INTO the wind, oh joy, oh bliss!

Oh to be in balmy Boston, leaning into a stiff wind, 42 degrees and a spring shower to refresh us as we climb Heartbreak Hills. 'Tis magical lads, I tell ya! Magical.



Anonymous PJ said...


Bon Voyage! Alles Gut! Break a ... No, don't!

Hail Mary!
God's Speed!
Good Luck!
Have One on Me!
Down the Hatch!
Trip Lightly, Never Say Die!

And see you when you get back. Remember, yer not alone, we'll be thinking of ye, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are...


10:26:00 PM  

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