Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time Trial


I put off my Time Trial for a couple of hours this morning, waiting in vain for the weather to clear. The rain was relentless, with winds gusting to twenty knots according to the weather channel. Finally, about Noon, I said to Hell with it.

Cursing under my breath and growling with gusto, "Grrggghhh", through clenched teeth I made my way along Spanish Banks.

The weather kept all but the stalwarts and stoics indoors. The silver lining is that people willing to walk and run in the rain will gladly share a smile with you. I think just about everyone I met this morning greeted me with a smile, nod, or greeting of some sort. It was great. It was a wonderful way of aknowledging that only us crazies would be out on a day like today.

I measured out a mile course on my run out to the Anchor on Spanish Banks, and did about five and a half miles before returning to my starting point. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that my chosen route for the Mile Time Trial would take me directly into the teeth of the wind and the rain.

Despite wearing a rain jacket AND a Gore-tex supposedly water-proof vest, I was soaked to the skin.

On Jeff Galloway's explicit advise I warmed up and took it very easy prior to the Time Trial.

I gave myself a few seconds to get ready and then I was off. As per my usual routine I bolted out of the blocks, caught myself and settled down. I went out conservatively and then poured it on in the last half mile, gaining speed all the way.

I did the mile in about 6:15. Felt relaxed and strong. Heart rate at the end was only 167, and about 158-160 all the way through the mile.

I checked my Polar work-out calendar and was a little surprised to see that I had run 65 miles in the last six days since Sunday (and better yet, burned 8500 calories!). The best part was the realization that I feel great.

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