Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Thing After Another

It's early Sunday morning and I am still waiting for my luggage to arrive in Boston. I hear rumours it is in town, but have yet to actually see it.

Good old Air Canada, still providing the level of crappy customer service for which it is renowned, failed to get my lone bag on to my connecting United Airlines flight to Logan after my flight from Vancouver was delayed for nearly an hour.

The United guy at Logan did hand me a bag containing a toothbrush and the world's smallest stick of deodorant, however. That and his sympathy...

As with the last few marathons I have travelled to, I had the foresight to have my running shoes on my carry-on luggage. And I have since been to the Expo and scrapped together a worst-case scenario substitute running outfit. But I hate wearing gear I haven't washed first...

Maybe it was the glow of being a first-timer last year, but the Expo didn't seem quite as interesting this year. This year, it definitely had the feeling of the bargain basement room at a Wal-Mart as people were hawking ten dollars shorts and fifteen dollar tops. I was all jazzed up to buy lots of the Adidas line of Boston gear, but on close examination it didn't seem that fabulous. The clothes themselves are well-made, but the whole effect seems spoiled by what looks like screen-printed Boston Marathon logos that give off an air of being tired, old-school and ready to come off after two bouts with the spin-cycle of a washing machine. A bit of a disappointment actually.

Liked the Asics booth. Got a pair of shiny new red racing flats. The folks at the Polar booth were friendly. The Bill Rogers Running Centre still feels like the most real Boston Marathon experience.

Bumped into lots of marathoners this year who also run ultras. A new trend or just a coincidence?

Weather here is crisp. Runners from the southern United States, places like Florida and Southern California are all in a tissy about the weather. Some folks even talking about not running after travelling all the way to get here!

Hell, I spent all winter running in the cold and the rain and slush and I'M in a tissy (or is it tizzy) over the prospect of the deep-freeze on Monday.

They were selling lots of hats and gloves at the Expo!

Oh well, one more day and then it's fun on the run!


Anonymous Seymour said...

I guess the wine bet to make is just to finish up right and healthy I hear the weether may bring snow. The Sun run is finished and Paul did only 53:28 he says. I saw Steve M and Karen running but they look like they haven't trained well. The weather is great. It rainned friday hard but today is cool and sunny. Having done the 37km yesterday I took pictures on Beach at the 3 km plus mark in English Bay.

Look at your the weather as being cooler than that of Medoc in France last September or the stormy trail in 2005

All the same good luck ... just finsih and we will still be proud of you.

1:51:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Hehe, funny story. BTW, it's tizzy.

11:18:00 AM  

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