Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Long Way Home

Ratcheted up the mileage a notch on Sunday and eked out the first twenty miler since January. The run wasn't difficult on Sunday, a little on the cool side at 43 degrees, and a light drizzle, but the mileage felt all right.  And the sun actually peeked out in a few places by Noon.  I did have to remind a few in the pace crew that nutrition was crucial to getting through the Sunday long runs.  A bag of Sharkies is just not going to do it for twenty miles over four hours...

I should have been listening to my own advice...  I didn't stop for breakfast, okay - brunch after over four hours of running - and as a result I wasn't quite myself all afternoon.  I had friends over for a Sunday Easter Feast and it took me a few cheese and crackers and a few glasses of wine to get back up to speed.

The food was simply amazing and we washed it all down with a couple of spectacular bottles of wine, including a 1993 Chateau Certan Pomerol that smelled of a tack room redolent with well-worn saddles...  It was an aroma that transported you back to the farm and all things equine.  Topping it off were notes that reminded you of an after dinner Cohiba relished in a book-lined study.  So much so that some guests raided my humidor.

That's the great thing about a twenty mile run.  A hedonist may relish relatively guilt free pleasures for the next twenty hours....


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