Friday, February 11, 2005

To Hill and Back Again

Having missed my date with my MAX VO2, I decided to take out my impatience on the Hill up to UBC. I was feeling a tad guilty because on my Tuesday and Wednesday training runs I had held a little back for my bout with the treadmill.

It is a gloriously sunny day here in Vancouver and on the Wet Coast you really have to make hay while the sun shines. The weather forecast for our long run this Sunday is calling for rain, rain and more rain. Did I mention it was supposed to rain this weekend?

I was bit stiff in the glutes of all places from the first Hill Training workout, so I started out slower than usual. Twenty minutes in I was crusing along. The weather was so spectacular that I honestly lost track of time. Before I knew it I had gone almost 10K before remembering on an out and back run, the turnaround is only halfway! I ran 19K in 1:44:12 at an average heart rate of 142 and a peak heart rate of 162 on the Hill. Felt really, really strong.


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