Monday, September 26, 2005

Uncomfortably Numb

I am so fucking beyond mere tired that my body is numb. Literally. It is taking all of my considerable willpower to keep myself moving at my current level of effort. I am not just trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon itself, I am BQing in LIFE! Beyond the clinic itself I have been working incredibly demanding twelve hour and even fourteen days.

I feel like I am juggling chainsaws. I can not remember when I last had a day off. Maybe three weeks ago. Just as my marathon training workload was peaking...

Dietwise, I am counting calories, but eating like a horse. Four and five meals a day. Endless grazing. Handfuls of supplements and lots of healthy food.

I had a good, good friend send me the following e-mail today. S, as I said, I adore you. No disputing the fact that I am going to the whip in the home stretch of my attempt to BQ. I am teetering on the knife-edge of pushing my conditioning and training to the utmost. Still think I have not gone over the edge. There is no question in my mind that this what I have to do in order to accomplish my goals and objectives. I am always keeping my eyes on the prize...

Hi Vince,

This is the RN speaking. I am concerned for you. I checked my journal and it has been three weeks since I have seen you. From the neck down you look like that lean, mean muscle machine that you've been striving for.(Good work by the way - even if I do prefer my men a little beefier :-) From the neck up- you look exhausted!! I would use the word gaunt but that's a bit harsh.

I have cheerfully listened to your lectures, read your blog, and followed your suggestions. It's your turn. It is my observation that in these past weeks you have pushed your body to its limits in training, all the while undernourishing. Really - you have not met your body's caloric needs in your effort to lose weight. At this point you need to REST, EAT, and probablyREST SOME MORE!! NO RUNNING!!!!

I got the feeling as you dashed off on Sunday that you're working a lot. I really want you to succeed on Oct 9th. NO MORE RUNNING OR DIETING OR WORKING TIL RACE DAY. You are overtraining and not listening to your own advice.

And we all know - ANY TRAINING IN THE TWO WEEKS BEFORE A RACE WILL NOT ENHANCE OUR PERFORMANCE! I'll get off my soapbox and wish you well. If I'm wrong you can tell me where to go...... and if you do that I'll know that is the irritability of overtraining :-)

Take care, S

Dear S,

From the neck up, I AM exhausted. That part is true.

Diet wise, I am eating OVER three thousand calories per day. And on Saturday and Sundays, it is closer to four thousand. Just ask Oscar! And I supplement to beat the band.

Thank you for caring enough to write that e-mail. I really truly appreciate your care and concern. I adore you even more!

My body fat percentage is NOT out of line. I am still over 10%. I am monitored pretty closely by my Doctor, and Boris is totally aware of what I am doing and what I am up to. My bloodwork and general health are excellent. Even outstanding - for a man of my particular vintage.

I keep an absolutely obsessive-compulsive training journal. My morning heart rate does not indicate any signs of overtraining. None at all. In fact my resting heart rate keeps dropping.

In my Blog, I have said that I have backed off many times in my training regime to recover from a strenuous workout. That part is true. Ask June and Stu.

It is true that I am beyond tired, and probably exhausted, from working 60-70 hour weeks in addition to my marathon training. Need the money. No other way out of it... My travel achedule for the next six months is freaking insane...

Have scheduled a full week off prior to the marathon. I hope that does it! Best I can arrange.

I am in full taper mode. Just ask the folks I ran with on Sunday, as I reined them in. Ask Seymour and Jo as the four hour group and the four fifteens nearly passed us at Granville Island!

S, I have not embarked on this journey to fail. On the contrary, I am quite capable of being ruthlessly efficient with myself. Imposition of will is one of the things I do best...

I do appreciate you voicing your concern. Thanks for being such a great friend!

Vince "Boston or Bust" Hemingson


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