Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Da Pain, Boss! Da Pain!

Thank God for pain. Not back pain or nerve pain but good old muscle pain. Yesterday and today it was just quad stiffness, probably delayed onset muscle pain from the Half, because I have done no hard workouts since I hurt my back last Tuesday. The back now feels "okay" as does the nerve pain. But I do feel like I ran a hard marathon in my sleep last night! Go figure! I am not going to quibble. Now I am going to try to be sensible - if such a thing is possible for me - one day at a time......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

unrelated but have you seen this:
your transformation was imoressive but this due totally trumps you.

4:33:00 PM  
Blogger Vince Hemingson said...

I know, isn't it great! UltraClyde and I have exchanged a few notes of encouragement along the way.

It's a great story. And every bit as inspiring as Scooter's.

Make me glad to think I am not alone.

It shows that it is possible for anyone with a dream and aspirations and the will to try to make their life just a little - or a lot - better.

4:38:00 PM  

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