Monday, February 20, 2006

Pacific Road Runners First Half Half Marathon

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The start was very crowded as I was at the absolute back of the starting grid. It takes me about fifteen minutes and two miles to get up to speed. Not a terrible strategy in minus -1 degree weather. I seem to do much better if I give myself ample opportunity to get up to optimum operating temperature. I did the first 10K in just under 44 minutes, and from that point on I am running the rest of the race pretty much at my lactate threshold.

I will admit I was surprised that I was as strong as I was at the end of a week of high mileage (22.5 miles last Sunday) and four speed and strength workouts (easily another 35 miles in total, maybe more), Tuesday to Friday. Hugh eased off towards the end of the week, as he had also put in a hard week of skiing at altitude. I spent the better part of five kilometres in pursuit of Hugh and I was not sure until the last two miles if I could catch him.

In fact, if you look closely at the end of my Polar chart you can see three distinct little peaks in my speed on an otherwise steady speed line. The first is to catch up to Hugh and then draft him, the second is to pass Hugh with a mile to go on a sharp little hill (my homage to Boston and the Heartbreak Hill) and the final dash for the Finish Line because I heard footsteps the last few hundred meters and I was positive it was Hugh come to finish me off.

My half marathon time on Sunday, coupled with my 10:15 for 2.5K on Thursday gives me the confidence that my training is on the right track. At 170 pounds, I hope to do Boston proud.


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