Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful...

Posted by PicasaOn February 10th, I wrote at length on my difficulties on understanding the subtle nuances required in filling out the entry form for the Marathon du Medoc.

I also spoke at length of my good friend, the lovely Nathalie Boyer, whom I described as the "Quintessential French Woman", and the one who ultimately came to my aide in the translation department.

Nathalie is also responsible for making me so beautiful it positively hurts. Let's face it, I am what I am after all - a strikingly handsome man, albeit a man of a certain vintage - but it was Nathalie who polished the rough edges off to reveal the sparkling diamond that is Boston Vince Hemingson. So don't hate me for being beautiful - that is Nathalie's fault.

I owe it all to Nathalie's haircut. Not only did the haircut make me look like Steve McQueen, it also made me 2.3% faster. If you must, hate me for being faster and smarter than you, and quite possibly the most obnoxious man you'll ever meet...

Mademoiselle Boyer is the talented woman resposible for making me look like Steve McQueen these days... And rest assured she can work the same kind of magic on you. You too can be as beautiful as me.

Not as fast and certainly not as smart, but bear in mind, the woman is only an incredibly talented artist, NOT a miracle worker.

So in tribute to Nathalie's rare gifts, I urge you to let her work her magic on you. The scalp massage alone is probably illegal in most jurisdictions but she is - after all - French.

And when someone asked me what the quintessential French woman looks like - well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Nathalie works out of the upstairs ZOOTZ Hair Studio on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Arbutus Steet. You can book an appointment with this hair magician at 604.730-8787 and she has a special offer on right now for first time clients - see the Gift Certificate above.

You owe it to yourself.


Blogger Scooter said...

Mr. Hemingson,
You certainly were laying it on thick there about the lovely Nathalie. First, re: the back, stretch, limit the activity (elliptical at gym to limit pounding), see the usual lineup of voodoo docs (chiro, PT, etc.). Second, you certainly look good on the bike...just how did you get the Canuck roadsigns to look German? Get well, I don't want you saying "Scooter, that bloody Yank, beat me because I was hurt." Oh, to limit pain, enjoy a bottle!

My best,

8:26:00 AM  
Blogger Vince Hemingson said...


I am FULLY doctored up and FULLY medicated.

The only thing keeping us from going toe-to-toe in Boston is if they chop of a limb... :)

What's your PB in a Half, by the way? lol

Cheers, Vince

8:12:00 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

I'd have to look up my PB for a half. I think maybe 1:27??

6:24:00 AM  

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