Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pranged, Tweaked, and Bent

On Thursday night I went out for the Personal Best Clinic and pushed in the intervals we were doing. I never got over 80-85% and was good for the two hundred meter intervals but halfway through the first four hundred I felt a twinge. And not a good twinge.

Since Boston back in April, where I pushed through some of the worst cramping and muscle spasms I have ever experienced in a Marathon, I have had a deep quad pull. I think that running through the cramping may have caused a level of injury beyond the usual micro-tears one experiences in a hard marathon. I was able to run the Vancouver Marathon easy, but when going hard I aggravate the deep muscles. Worse yet, the pain soon radiates down my groin, an old injury that I would like best not to repeat any time soon. On one occasion it took a full year to really heal back to hundred percent.

When I pulled up, Steve immediately asked what was wrong. Without thinking, I replied that I had 'pranged' something. That was race car talk for having broken or bent a part of my race car, namely me. All the runners looked at me with dazed looks in their eyes. You have to love those hard-core lifelong racers. They know running and, well, everything else in their lives is kind of secondary. Those of us who toy at racing are not the same. We waste valuable time pursuing other interests - much, I am sure, to the detriment of our finishing times...

So I had to explain, pranged, you know, tweaked, bent - BROKEN! Anyways, I took my pranged, tweaked and bent race car (body) off the track and went for our barbecue. This was a great idea of Steve's that we'll have to steal for the Summer Marathon Clinic. I am not sure that the BBQed burgers and tofu dogs did anything for my injury, but the Sleeman's Pale Ale I washed them down with did wonders for my spirits and certainly for my mood. Alcohol, the cause of all of life's problems and the source of all solutions for life's problems...

A beautiful evening, gorgeous sunset, beer in hand and company I could tolerate - all good things. Dan had some more pictures from Boston (thanks Dan and Jessica!) and all was good. Dragged the leg home. Will try and let the broken bits heal. Did a very easy 20K this morning with no difficulty.

Another couple of months and I may run another easy Marathon!


Blogger Joe said...

Yikes! Sorry about your leg, Vince.

8:08:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Will your injury prevent you from entering the Summerfast 10K in July?

4:40:00 PM  

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