Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Even Perfection Has Its Limitations

Last Fall I was absolutely and utterly convinced - by the best-meaning friends in the world, I am sure - that after twenty years of cursing Bill Gates and my endlessly crashing PC, that if I had an ounce of common sense and and any aesthetic taste at all, I simply must switch to an Apple.  

Appealing to my artistic vanity nearly always works, so I soon found myself in possession of a brand spanking new iMac 24.  A thing of rare beauty.   My brain still hurts on a regular basis from attempting to decipher a new operating system.  I am after all, a dog that is getting increasingly longer in the tooth. Or is that a horse?  My memory is starting to go as well... And now the new operating system doesn't operate worth a damn. Yes, those primal screams emanating from the heart of Kitsilano belong to yours truly.

My state of the art, supposedly super-fast Apple is moving like a six hour pace group or molasses in January.  I am endlessly confronted by Apple's not so cute, mushroom inhaling, psychedelically coloured, spinning basketball of doom.  I want to heave the sleek, designed to give geeks an erection, 24 inch screen through my office window.

But enough about my crappy Apple...  ARRRGGGH!

Last Wednesday I ran a great 10K in 48:15 at an average heart rate of 158.  A beautiful run. But after a week and a half of running more than my fair share of fast miles, my legs were not co-operating in yesterday's Bank of Hong Kong Canada Day 10K Race.  On an admittedly hot morning, but still only 8:00 AM, I ran the race in a chip time of 49:10. And my average heart rate was 167, nearly ten beats higher than six days ago.  I crossed the Finish Line at 188!

Okay, time to figure out what to do with this beautiful beast sitting on top of my desk....



Blogger cindy55 said...

Oh dearest Headhunter! Throw it out and come back to the "dark side" with no spinning wheels from hell!!
Cindy! :p

9:39:00 PM  

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