Monday, October 03, 2005

Late Breaking News

A week between Posts. What kind of slacker has Hemingson turned into?

Just too much on my plate, folks. And I wish I was talking about food. I've just been trying to clean off my plate before the marathon planning begins in earnest this weekend. And by plate, I should be saying slate. Mixing my metaphors. But instead of putting away carbs I have been putting away backloads of work.

A couple of jobs have gone over budget and past schedule because of client changes and requests. And the client is always right, even when they're a complete pain in the ass. They do, after all, pay the bills. So it has been a mad scramble to get the extra work done as quickly as possible in order to maintain that ever vital submission of invoices in a timely manner. I have to pay for all those groceries and runners somehow!

I've put in twelve hour days - or more - for the better part of the past three weeks. And I've ended up working the weekends since the end of August (except for that mad dash to Tacoma for the boxing match which was even more arduous than work). The running of the marathon is going to seem like a picnic, and a well-earned vacation! The good thing is, my legs have been relatively rested and the work has kept me fit and cross-trained. My weight is still in the 179-180 range and I have been able to eat like a horse. I have also been able to get a good night's sleep - no social life to speak of, mind you - but lots of healthy eating, resting and recovering.

I have the marathon clinic dinner on Tuesday, and I hope that tonight is my last long night...

Speed workouts and tempo runs this past week have been very encouraging. I feel much stronger than last week, and much, much faster. My heart rate has sunk to new lows. And I have regained the energy necessary for me to pace rooms again.

Will be good to drink wine again, whether in Victory or Defeat.


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