Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Long Road to Breakfast

Twenty-eight days after qualifying for Boston, I did my first "long" run. And by that I mean longer than 10K, as this past Sunday, in preparation for the Las Vegas Marathon, and feeling that it was time to get back into running mode, I went out with a small group and did a very easy 29K (18 miles) in about three and a half hours. My average heart rate for the run was 116 and that was about as much as my hamstrings wanted to handle. It was worth the run just to justify the French Toast and bacon at the end.

This coming weekend should prove interesting as on Friday, November 11 - Remembrance Day being a national holiday and all - the same group is going out for 32K (20 miles) and then on Sunday, Hugh and I are going out for a 20K jaunt. Still taking it easy during the week. Doing shorter, 6-8K runs at a little higher intensity.

Other than Boston next April, I have no idea what next year holds running-wise, so I am starting to plan my running calendar for 2006. I would love to do the Medoc Marathon in the south of France with Seymour next September. Have also been seriously considering doing an Ironman or maybe a 100 mile ultramarathon....


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