Saturday, March 18, 2006

Burn, Baby, Burn

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As you can see, I started out too fast. But I ran with my buddy Justin in the vain hope of being semi-disciplined. Relax, relax, relax I urged. take it easy. I was hung-over from a St. Patrick's Day party/Birthday Party the night before....I pegged my maximum heart rate at my lactate threshold for several Ks, the low 160's. But damn I felt great after three K's. Breath was easy, legs were lose, all the muscle fatigue from the week before seemed to have disappeared.... Still, I kept to the plan.

But then I got passed by several people who had NO business passing me - my estimation only of course - and I slowly began picking up the pace. Especially when they lagged on a couple of Hills, with laboured breathing and crumbling form.... With about 500 metres to go I judged that a quick surge for the last three hundred metres would bring them all back to me, and God knows I need to practise my surges for Boston....

So, refering to the above graph, the rather bizarre sprint to the finish at the end. I think that is quite the spike folks. A giant erection to my ego. Only a Vince.


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