Monday, August 14, 2006

Stormy Streak Alive

I am too tired to type....

On Saturday I finished my third Stormy 64K Ultramarathon Trail Race.

I ran with a great group of friends, for two of whom, the Stormy Race was the longest they had ever run in their lives. I did try to take it easy - given what I have been going through the last three months - with an average heart rate of 135 over a period of nine hours and 36 minutes - 9:36:20. I was about two hours slower than last year, where my average heart rate was 155 over 7:32.

I ate a full plate of whoop-assed...

So, due to my embarassing lack of commitment to this Blog and a testament to the weariness of my ass, and until I can write more, I am substituting - for the time being at least - my first Stormy Tale.

More words to come.

And oh yeah, there will be puppy pictures soon!


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