Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boston Marathon Reprise

It is a beautiful crisp white day. It is also minus ten - get this -10! Not very cold in the great scheme of things, but too cold for the Wet Coast.

Had an e-mail asking me if I had any shots on the Blog of me in the Boston Marathon, and oddly enough given my propensity for whoring myself out as a media slut, I couldn't find any...

So here is little (and not so little) Vince Hemingson running the 2006 Boston Marathon...

Even six months on, I can remember the towns... Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton (gasp!), Brookline, and finally Boston.

Going through my photos brought back a flood of memories in a fulgent flash (thanks Justin).



At 19 miles, just cresting the Newton Hills. Muscle cramps in all the rest of the way to the finish.


Crossing the Finish Line. One of the great experiences of my life. In many ways, this marathon was the culmination of five years of running and training and being beguiled by the magical distance of 26.2 miles. A journey of discovery and not a little wonderment. Best remembered by the friends made along the way. Not my fastest marathon (by 59 seconds!), but I will always consider it my best race. And I re-qualified for Boston with a 3:30:38.

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Blogger Scooter said...


You said, "It is also minus ten - get this -10!" But I have to ask, is that one of your sissy Canuck minus 10's (Celsius) or a real American minus 10 (Fahrenheit)? I mean for us, your minus 10 is still double digit warm! (Meantime, I'm here on the east coast in 50F laughing...though you'll get me back in February!) Quit whining!

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