Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beautiful, Beautiful Miles


If I say it often enough - I may even believe it.

Oddly enough, ten one-mile repeats were easier than eight. Scarily though, at the end, I was having trouble keeping track and ALMOST did an extra one to be on the safe side...

The day was sunny and warm, the sky blue.

The track was even wetter than last time, with more puddles and surface water, and the mud thicker. A dry track would probably have been worth a few seconds.

After following Jeff's advice to ease off a little, it was much easier to maintain a faster pace. And the fifteen second breather at the 800 meter mark made a world of difference.

Heart rate at the end of the tenth mile was 185. Time to complete the miles, with breaks in between, over two hours.

It is a tough work out.

My respect for real marathoners has grown by leaps and bounds. Those men and women are physically and mentally tough to a degree I can scarcely imagine.

Simply incredible athletes. Posted by Picasa


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