Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Big Easy

Back to back notes from my coach:


As long as the doctors believe that this is not a heart problem, and they have cleared you to run, I will support you all the way.

Chest pain like this is common among those who are under a lot of total stress in their lives. My suggestion to take an easy week is based upon two factors:

1. You won't lose any conditioning by taking an easy week.

2. You should help the legs rebound so that your key weekend workouts won't be so difficult.

Have a great week!



Thanks for your note, and the blog. You did the right thing. The stress test misses about 15% of cardiac problems, I'm told,so you must still be vigilant.

You are definitely over trained right now. Try to run very easily on your weekday runs, and take rest days from exercise between runs. Don't do any drills or fast running on the Tues and Thurs runs. Before long runs and mile repeats, you need to rest as much as you can.

We want running to relieve stress--not produce it.


So I took it easy this week. Never got over 70%.

Tried to include a little blance in my life. Have pulled back from my father - that is another Blog entirely.

I have been through an astonishing battery of tests. At 196 pounds, 46 years of age and 17% body fat, my usual resting heart rate in the low 40's is ten beats higher in the past 90 days. My blood pressure has shot of from 100 over 65 to 135-145 over 80-85.

None of these are good signs and indicative of very high stress responses.

I am running 40 k tomorrow (or 25 miles) - easy - but looking forward to it.

Actually weighed 193 this morning.

Will need to figure out to do with my father...


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