Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Coach Is King

I was hoping to swap ten one-mile repeats with the First Half - Half Marathon this coming Sunday, but Coach Jeff Galloway was having none of it.

Plus, given my Polar S625X read-outs for the past ten days, he has told me to switch from ten and ones on my Sunday long runs to three and ones!

This will take some discipline on my part... Never my strong suit. Which has always been tenacity, the ability to absorb bizarre amounts of punishment and being as dumb as a sack of hammers...

Here, as follows is this weeks correspondance.


Thanks for your report. I appreciate your honesty.

You will lower the stress on your body and the fatigue if you drop to 3-1 on your long runs. Remember to use a 6:30/kilometer pace for these.

The 1600 meter repeats will provide you with a better conditioning effect for your time goal than the half marathon. By walking 5 min between each of these, you will also recover faster than a hard half marathon.

Have a good week, and give yourself enough down time.

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Dear Jeff,

Thank you again for your advice and counsel.

These are my last two Sunday Long Runs - all ten and ones.



In between I ran very easy eight and ten kilometer runs a couple of times.

This was my last "hard" workout, Jeff.


This coming Sunday calls for ten mile repeats on your training schedule.

Feb 11--10 x 1600 - http://vanishingtattoo.blogspot.com/2006/12/coach-galloway.html

There is a Half Marathon Race scheduled the same day. Could I substitute the half marathon for the ten mile repeats? What pace would you suggest I run at, if this is permissible? I will of course, follow your advice.

Best regards, Vince Hemingson


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