Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Lord, I Hate to Be Passed


I missed my run yesterday... and most of work, because what I thought would be a five hour slice of time set aside to help my father in the morning ballooned into ten hours and the evening.

Sometimes that's just the way it is. I got a nice lunch out of the deal.

But I was short a run, and seeing as how I have eight - count 'em, EIGHT! - mile repeats tomorrow morning, I thought I'd take today relatively easy.

So I covered just under nine miles in an hour and a half. It being Saturday and all, and even a day when the sun came out, the paths were jam-packed with runners. And that was nice to see.

Despite every effort to be disciplined and maintain an easy steady pace, just the sound of feet, the merest hint of a footfall, and I wanted to gear up, or down, as the case may be. My Lord, how I hate to be passed. And this was not even a hard practise, let alone a race! Without my Polar S625X Heart Rate Monitor I would have been lost. simply lost.

Sheeeeesh, when am I ever going to grow up... ???

My only solution was to focus on smiling at everyone I passed by. Worked like a charm. And was worth a giggle or two. And it took my mind off my feet and my pace. I was even able to laugh out loud when a couple of jogging strollers blew past me...

Now THAT'S discipline!

And I can't forget the one year old fiercely clutching a little Curious George stuffed monkey the same size as himself (or herself) as they went by in the stroller, both Mom and Dad at the wheel, wafting in their wake a strange aroma of babies, baby powder, chewing gum and bananas...

What a wonderful life. Posted by Picasa


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