Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hills, Hills, Hills - Bridges and Broadway...


Ran 7.4 miles in 56:50 tonight. Legs and lungs felt good. Over the Burrard Street Bridge and up to Broadway made the run seem a little like a hill work-out. Not a bad way to prepare for the Boston Marathon all things considered.

My weight has crept back up to 195 as work and dealing with my father out of the hopital has made me somewhat less able to control my diet.

Come February I think I am going to cut alcohol out of my diet until after Boston. That alone should be worth a pound a week. And the mounting miles will take care of the rest...

I went for a half-price pasta dinner and actually brought home a doggie bag! As always for me, portion control is the key to losing weight.

All the information that my father has been getting about his diabetes and controlling it with a proper diet hasn't hurt me either.

I was a little taken aback by the flood of e-mails and phone calls I received after writing about getting chest pains while hanging around my old man. Thank you for your concern.

Prior to posting I had already contacted my doctor, who although he thinks there is a negligble risk that the pain I am experiencing is actually cardiac in origin, thinks that given my abysmal family history of heart disease it is not a bad idea for me to have a stress test and some other "thing" (a test whose name escapes me at the moment...). Posted by Picasa


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