Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Wee Scottish Tribute


So Justin and Patrick, with Brad in tow, knocked upon my door. And we toasted the Boston Marathon and all its venerable glory.


I'm getting all misty here...


Our hat is off to Barbara-Jo at fame, and the fabulous folks at Les Amis du Frommage who came up with the incomparable cheese and Scotch pairings. We were all a little in awe of the results...


And in the end, twenty marathons and two Bostons later, this evening sums up best why I do this.

Camraderie, friendship, an evening of shared tall tales and lies, living well, laughter, whiskey that makes you weep and cheese that makes you want to kiss a cow...

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Anonymous dogfish dave said...

C'mon Vince, sober up and get writing!

I too ran Boston this year .. great experience, but calves started cramping at 15 miles. Never happened to me before, but just reminded me what an unpredictable and magnificent beast the marathon is. Hobbled home in 3:46. Congrats on your finish. Now that it is all done I can say that I feel coach Galloways coaching system seemed way inappropriate for you. I have plenty of respect for him as a runner and pioneer of the run/walk approach, but how personal can his online coaching really be. I mean if he had thousands signed up there is no way he could give individual attention without an army of assistants. Just my opinion, but I would say next time coach yourself ..there is no-one more knowledgeable about your running needs and efforts than YOU! Your Boston time from 2006 is testimony to that.

Hope all is well with you.

5:03:00 AM  

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