Friday, December 01, 2006

Fighting Trim

The process of registering for the Boston Marathon, securing a hotel room and starting my Boston training has all helped to refocus my marathon mindset.

So has my father's recent struggles with his health, as his heart attack brought home many of the reasons why I took up marathon training in the first place some six years ago.

Since early November I have largely been on my Boston diet. I add the caveat that I am going to follow it a little less stringently between December 15th and New Year's.

Today I tipped the scales at about 190 pounds, the lightest I have been since finding out I had skin cancer in May of this year.

My goal weight for this Boston, in what I hope will be a legitimate shot at a new personal best is the 175-180 pound range.

Because of the snow and the rain and the short hours of daylight, I also gave myself a gym membership for Christmas. I plan to supplement my outdoor runs with several sessions per week on the tread mill, a training strategy I have used in the past to recover from injury.

So, starting this week, I am back running a minimum of four days a week, five in a best case scenario. Because I had intended to run the Seattle Marathon, my long run training is pretty current. I have run an easy twenty miles or longer at least once a month now for nearly a year and a half.

My efforts to crack 3:20 this time around will be to focus on my weight, my speed work and my love affair with hill training.

Only four and a half months to go...


Anonymous dogfish dave said...

Hi Vince, great to hear you are beginning to think ahead to Boston, and setting yourself a PB time goal. I have also qualified for 2007, am registered, and will be flying across the "pond" (from Glasgow) to compete. I have set myself an ambitious target of 3:15 (PB 3:28), but 3:20 might be more realistic ...see how the training goes. If possible it would be a pleasure for me to shake your hand and say "hello" while in Boston. In the meantime all the best with your training, and I'm looking forward already to a new series of your excellent and informative post-training-run analyses.

3:15:00 AM  

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