Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Post Weekend Stress Syndrome


Great to hear about your success on the 1600 meter runs. You are getting the job done.

During the week, the minimum you need is @45 minutes on Tuesday and 45 min on Thursday. You can run more than this if you wish, and you can reduce this to 30 minutes if you have time issues.

During each of these runs, it wouldn't hurt to run one to three 1600 meter segments at race pace, inserting a 30 second walk break at the half way point. If you are still tired from the weekend workout, just jog for 30-45 minutes.

Have a good week!


After feeling pretty good on Sunday morning - and exhausted by the end of Sunday evening - what with half marathons and birthday parties, I slept the sleep of the dead.

And will admit that Monday morning I was a little stiffer than usual.

I may postpone my Tuesday run until tomorrow and then go out again on Thursday and Friday, with some more speed work on Friday for sure.

Still very pleased with the way my mile repeats went on Saturday. Very much helped with my self-confidence.


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