Thursday, March 08, 2007

Easy Rider


Last night I did everything for my 10K run except actually run it. I got dressed, got in my car, but it was cold and wet and I was still a little stiff from Sunday's mile repeats and I knew that the Running Run would be filled with people fighting off the local Vancouver flu epidemic so I said to Hell with it!

I flipped my Wednesday and Thursday and ran today instead of taking a rest day. It was drizzling anyways, and my intention is to go out hard on Friday so I loped along Spanish Banks and Kits Beach.

After an intense period of being stressed out and cursed with insomnia over Christmas and the New Year, I seem to have mellowed out. My blood pressure is back to normal, 110 or so over 65 (it got up to 145 over 115), and my resting heart rate has once again dropped to where it should be.

Even after my morning cups of coffee my heart rate chart shows a heart rate of around fifty beats per minute and a little under (a marked improvement over the mid-sixties).

Even taking it very, very easy - 60-65 % - I was able to run the 6.3 K in well under sixty minutes.

Feeling healthy and getting in good training runs between periods of recovery is making me much more confident about Boston. Posted by Picasa


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