Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Nice Plug

Skipped my run today as I am coughing up some pretty hideously-coloured stuff from my lungs. Will err on the side of caustion. Good news, dropped to 192 and 15% body fat, or so the scale says.

More good news, slept like a baby last night. And my legs feel good.

It's always nice to get noticed. Especially from another running site that you have a lot of respect for...

From Jesslyn Cummings,
Your Guide to Running & Jogging.
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Looking for some motivation?
Sometimes you just need to know what other runners are up to. I love my running buddies and they are great, but occasionally I just want to know what runners-at-large are doing. I decided I could either run up to strangers while they are trying to finish their run or I could get into the running blog community.
Since running up to strangers can be hazardous (or at least annoying), here are some blogs that I'd like to share with you:

Boston or Bust
Journey of a lifetime
A Passion For Running
One Track Mind


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