Tuesday, February 20, 2007

24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes.

After suffering through a week of hacking and coughing, chills and sweats, I thank the Gods or whomever that I had the humility to finally drag myself to the doctor.

I feel much, much better already. Feeling that you've turned the corner is always good for the spirit as well.

I know that most of my weight loss has been water, so I am being careful to stay rehydrated.

Diet-wise, I am not that enthused about food, but have been careful to eat as healthily as possible - lots of chicken soup, a little brown rice and oatmeal and steamed vegetables being about as adventuresome as I want to get.

Exercise-wise, dog walking is about it. So it is not like I have to stoke the furnace with calories as it is anyways!

Less than eight weeks until the Boston Marathon. Amazing how fast it creeps up on you.


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