Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grinding It Out


I am now in the midst of the Boston Marathon training cycle where the days and the runs seem to merge into each other without much respite. So on Tuesday I took it very easy, just 3.5 miles to move some blood around. I have no lingering stiffness from Sunday, thankfully.

The last month before the taper I find I just have to grind it out and weather the leg weariness and the tiredness and survive as best I can.

I am down to 185 pounds and I am already looking forward to a little more variety in my diet, but the flipside is I do feel strong and relatively fast and I am recovering from my training load.

Had a few interesting back and forths with Jeff Galloway about my last Sunday long run. Jeff is encouraging me to take it VERY easy on the long runs. Last one will be 28 miles (47 kilometres).


Thanks for your report.

I wish that you would use a 3-1 on the long runs, from the beginning. This will reduce most of the lingering soreness that you received on your recent long one.

This weekend, run most of the 12K very easy. The TT can be run a little faster than your pace on the one mile repeats.


Hi Jeff,

I can assure you that I will definitely do 3-1's on my last long run. I had to take out a group of people that had enrolled in the Vancouver Marathon Clinic and there was no one else with any experience to take them out on what was their longest run to date. Sometimes you just have to take one for the greater good of the team.

Best regards, Vince Hemingson


I understand. I'm just trying to save your legs for the big day!


Now to log some miles this week and prepare for the last long run and the fourteen one-mile repeats. Posted by Picasa


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