Friday, March 09, 2007

Strange Days


I had a good run and an awful run - all at the same time.

I ripped off well over 10 K in the 45-46 minute range, once again taking a baseline heart rate for a minute (high forties low fifties) and then a nice cool down.

But my heart was never really in the run. Literally. I never cruised at lactate threshold because I didn't have any pop to speak of in my legs. Instead of my usual 162-164, I had trouble keeping my heart rate in the 155 zone!

I am still not fully recovered from the "Dirty Dozen" mile repeats I did on Sunday. And given the effort it took to complete them I am not that surprised.

And considering how "off" I felt today, I am pretty pleased about covering 6.7 K in 46 minutes and change...

Forty kilometers this Sunday and then hopefully I will get my wheels back. Posted by Picasa


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