Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fine Finish

After ten solid days of running with some big mileage days - a marathon and a 50K -and travelling in Haida Gwaii and not much rest to speak of, I fully intended to take Tuesday night's tempo run easy. Maybe no more than a light 6K to move some blood around...

I ran the first three kilometres with Seymour and then decided to do 8K after all. It was a warm evening and with a few kilometres to go I found that I was catching up with the back end of the 3:45 marathon group.

It had been a spell since I had done any speed work so thought I'd hit the after burners for the last five hundred metres. You have to show the kids every once in a blue moon not to take the old man for granted...

I managed to catch the last few stragglers a few hundred meters from the 8K mark, but they weren't willing to go down without a fight, bless their little hearts.

In a mad dash we sprinted in and I spiked my heart rate up to 192.

Was a little sore this morning, not too bad, and tipped the scales at 188 pounds.

Should be able to hit 185 for the Stormy 50 Mile Trail Race on August 11.


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