Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summertime Blues

Seem to be suffering a little Haida Gwaii, post-partum let down in the week following our return home. Granted, the ten days that Patrick and I spent in the Queen Charlotte Islands were jam-packed, so much so that we both needed a few days afterwards just to get caught up on sleep. Maybe just a little mid-life ennui...

I took Wednesday off and then did a pretty hard 10 K on Thursday morning (46 minutes) and a 20 K on Friday morning. I did both at the crack of dawn to escape the summer sun. It has actually felt a little like July here in Vancouver for most of the week!

Doing 35 K on Sunday. Eighty K (50 miles) coming up fast on August 11, and just three short days after my 47th birthday, is not that far off, so I guess that qualifies as some sort of a taper...

May lay off the speed work and the hard hills until after the race as well.

Hoping to sneak in under ten hours for the race.

Weight 187.5 this morning.


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