Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Front of the Camera - A Pirate's Life For Me!

We were short a model during our last photo shoot, and while I am not pretty, I thought I might add a certain.... grizzled, quality.

Interestingly, it was much more of an effort to jump back and forth between photographer and wannabe model than I thought it would be.  

I have been running, but between work and photography school, my plate has been a little full.  I am down to 206 pounds.   The marathon training has been going well.

My classmate, Victoria snapped these shots.  

If all else fails, I figure I have a decent shot at playing a scurvy 'ole sea dawg at a pirate theme restaurant.....  I wonder how many Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp is willing to make?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are you!!!!!????

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