Friday, February 06, 2009

Books, Travel and 'Stuff'...

I have, as I almost always do, bitten off more than I can probably chew, thrust more irons into the fire than I can possibly juggle without blistering myself, and taken on a series of projects that the Greeks would have described as 'Epic', in every sense of the word...

My first book - Tattoo Design Directory - is coming out on March 19 (www., I have an ever-growing team of people who are in the process of razing and resurrecting my web site with an entirely new look and with a host of new uses and interactivity for visitors.  I still can't say I could actually define what Web 2.0 is supposed to be, but I'm happy to venture there. 

I am beetling away on a couple of 'skunk-work' type projects that give me goose-bumps just thinking about what they will look like when they are done (of course, many experimental projects end in fiery explosions on the launch pad and never achieve orbit, let alone break the bonds of gravity and get off the ground).  But that makes it even more exciting.  Nothing quite like the possibility of spectacular failure to keep your brain fidgeting with contingency plans.

I am leaving town on a ten-day trip - one planned more than half a year ago when I made the assumption that many of my current projects would not only be coming to fruition, but bearing fruit.  Hah!   The gods laugh at such hubris.  At least the seeds have all been planted....

But having worked all through the holidays, a little time off will be a welcome respite.  And, I tell myself, a great opportunity to get some homework done.   Now that I am in my Intermediate Digital Photography class, I have a whole new list of shooting assignments - most of them dealing with difficult lighting, so the work will not only be creative, but a challenge to my meagre talents and feeble brain as well.  And now I have no excuse not to shoot away.

It's good to be alive and on the sunny side of the grass.  

And oh yeah, I'm still running.  Last Sunday, the first two hours were in the rain, and the last forty minutes was in the snow!

And my weight is down to 212.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Vince, I'm back on the weight loss bus with you. Let's see who's first to crack 200 lbs!

8:47:00 AM  

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