Monday, January 26, 2009

Robbie Burns Night and a Year of Memories

January 25, 2009 was the 250th Anniversary of Robbie Burns, Poet, Romantic, Bard and Soul of Scotland.

Jim Byrnes is signing a collection of Robbie Burns' poetry in the above photo, and I will forever be grateful to Jim for narrating the poetry that we used in my Father's Memorial service.

At this time last year, I had just returned from the Bahamas and my Father was in the hospital. The first anniversary of his death will be here shortly and seeing Jim brought many memories flooding back.

My Father never wanted a "Funeral", a "Wake", anything called a "Memorial Service", or anything even remotely resembling a "Celebration of Life".  What Errol C. Hemingson really wanted was a party, make that a great party, with as many of his friends in attendance as possible, and he wanted a party with a nautical theme, and he wanted good wine and good seafood.  One of his instructions to me was very clear.  He wanted as many pictures of his boat displayed as possible.

In the interests of time and space - and perhaps good taste - I chose to display a large portrait photo of my Dad and what I thought was one of the nicest photos I had taken of the Dream Chaser on what was my Father's last voyage on his beloved ship.

After much consideration, and after putting together the Memorial to my Father, of pictures and music and poetry, I thought I should honor his wishes.  If the Memorial was about my Father and his life and his family, the Dream Chaser is about one man's love affair with a ship.

My Father was only aboard the Dream Chaser for the briefest of time, a few short months.  His trip around the world lasted less than a week.  But he fulfilled a lifelong dream.

And there are pictures of the Dream Chaser from every angle that my Father loved.

For those who requested it, here are the the Links to the Memorial we showed at his "Nautically Themed Party".


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