Sunday, January 25, 2009

What A Week It Was

After a fabulous run last Sunday I was all geared up for  week of great training.

I'd also finished off some projects and was in the process of re-organizing my home space, just to make living and working a little easier and much, much, much more - well, I say this with a heart filled with childish hope, more efficient.

On Tuesday I packed up a bunch of books and CDs - all on mu iMac now - and carted them off to storage.  I dragged a huge air compressor OUT of storage to sell it.  Think well over a hundred pounds.

I have a weakness for collecting things from my travels.  I have this beautiful old carved stone Buddha from China.  It weighs AT LEAST two hundred and fifty pounds.  I moved it a couple of times, ever mindful of my hardwood floors.

All this moving and shifting took place over the morning and afternoon.  I moved the stone Buddha one last time at about three in the afternoon.

I am not unaware that of Buddha's Four Noble Truths, the first Noble Truth is that all life is suffering.

I knew I had done some thing.  I had the good sense to moan and lie down.  I passed on running the tempo run on Tuesday because I thought I might be pushing my luck and my physical limits.

The next day I was very sore and had trouble sitting.  But no referral pain down my legs or any sign of muscle weakness that might have indicated that I had messed up an old back surgery.  I called around to a few doctors and therapists who thought they might be able to see me in a week to ten days.  Might be...

On Wednesday I could hardly move.  Straight for the pain killers, muscle relaxants, and analgesics.  But the current treatment protocol is movement as the key to rehabilitation, so I moved fresh blood and oxygen and nutrients through stupidly strained muscles.

Thursday and Friday I could walk with a cane.  Slowly.  Lots of walking.  Gorging on green vegetables and fruit.

Walked five K very slowly Saturday morning.  Had to leave class after sitting for five hours.  Simply too much.

Rested and stretched all saturday night.

Sunday morning I ran 18K.

Felt great.


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