Monday, February 28, 2005

Rest, Recover and Regroup

After doing nearly 23.5 miles (39K) last Sunday, the plan this week was to scale back a little and recover before ramping up the mileage again. So on Saturday and Sunday I did a couple of easy back to back 20K (12.5 miles) runs. I didn’t want to get much above 65% and kept my average heart rate around 140.

As today is the last day of February and a rest day, it’s time for a brief summary of my workload for the month. Running four days a week, with the occasional fifth day thrown in for good measure, I managed to rack up around 260 kilometers on the odometer, or about 160 miles. Time spent running was a little over 26 hours. Tipped the scales at 195-196, give or take a pound or two. My weight loss is where I projected it to be (two pounds per month between January and October), but to be honest, I’m a little surprised I haven’t leaned out a bit more. Maybe in March, when my mileage gets over 200 miles.

I feel good. The next six weeks of training will really tell the tale come Marathon Sunday on May 1st. This next Sunday I begin ramping up my mileage, going from 40K (25 miles) to 50K (30 miles) on my long slow distance runs, as this training strategy has yielded my best results to date. I’d like my weekly mileage to average around 60 miles for the month of March and finish off my long runs with a 50K plus effort three weeks before the Marathon.

My tempo workouts have been good, maybe the best for any marathon training session yet. I would really like to get more comfortable at a 7:50 – 8:00 mile pace in the tempo runs which projects to a 3:25 – 3:29 marathon. I have not been as strong during the Hill training so far as I have been in the past. I seem to be less explosive than in years past. Perhaps my predominantly fast twitch muscles are adapting to endurance training? I will ponder this development more…


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