Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vince Vegas

I just had to quickly put up a reply to Scooter's last posted comment:

For those of you who may be wondering, I looked up Vince's results at Las Vegas. I figure he must have been up late at the table the night before (or keeping a friend company...I hope she was cute...but it was probably Hugh or somesuch). Actually she is pretty cute, in fact, very cute, something I often tell her husband...

After cracking the 3:30 barrier mere weeks ago, Vince posted a Chip Time: 04:35:47 Clock: 04:43:39 Pace: 10:31. I was trying to help pace Ms. Cynthia Chung to a scintillating 4:29:59, and she would have made it except for an at times brutally cold (as low as 36 degrees) headwind for a good seven or eight miles in the heart of the race (gusting to 25 knots directly in our faces from the north). Congrats again, Cynthia on a brilliantly run first marathon.

Cynthia taught a half-marathon clinic and also trained through some really aggravating injuries during the summer and fall. She never quit on her way to her goal. That's a true marathoner in my books. But I predict much faster times in Cynthia's future when she has an opportunity to reap the full benefits of a training regime with speed and strength workouts. The heart of a lion!

Vince, I trust you had fun there, your splits were nice and steady, so good job at that.

I had a good time, more of which I will post later. During the race itself, my avergae heart rate for the full marathon was 141 beats per minute, with a high of 158. (sprint to the finish, when I tried to keep up with Ms. Chung!)

The highlight of the trip and the weekend was speaking at length with Bill Rogers and getting both his book and my race bib autographed by Bill and -- ta da -- Joan Benoit Samuelson. Now, back to work!

PS And thanks to Cynthia and June and Stu for being such good run buddies on the road. Next stop on my long run training schedule - the Fat Ass 50 K on New year's Day! I figure that should give me an aerobic base and a half...

Then Baby, it's all Boston. I am aiming to run Beantown somewhere in the vicinity of 170 pounds (185 this morning). Was very nice to come home and find my Boston Marathon confirmation postcard sitting in my mailbox.


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