Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cough, Sputter, Arrgghhh...

I think the last two weeks have caught up to these middle-aged bones... The Steveston race last Sunday - 8k in 34:23 - 6 miserable K in the pouring rain on Tuesday, a 46:18 10.3K training run Wednesday, Hills on Thursday, more Hills and 14k on Friday and then 28K on Sunday started to stack up. I will grant you that it was a hard week. I think the asthma attack on January 24th was more psychologically unsettling than physically problematical. I think I may have subconsciously tried to overcompensate for the asthmas attack by hitting my training for Boston extra hard. Still no fucking paragraphs!!! The upshot was that last night I had a scheduled 8K tempo run that I wanted to do in around 34-35 minutes. My legs were having none of it. The course we set out on was complete and utter shite for starters. Too many hills and intersections and pedestrians and dogs to run right at your lactate threshold. I nearly got hit by a car twice. Stop sign? Red light? What the fuck are those? Let me see if I can get twenty points for taking out a runner! Morons! Then I had to hurdle a beagle. Seriously. I had to grab some air over a dog and I had already swerved off the sidewalk onto the grass. Couldn't seem to get my heart rate above the 150's, averaged 149, maxed out at 164 and finished in just over 37 minutes... Blah! Time to recover a little after all the stress. But had a great pasta dinner after with my running buddies. Always a silver lining in there somewhere. Have some fun when you run!


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