Thursday, January 12, 2006

Busy as a Bee

Where does the time go? I am busy writing away on a number of fronts and back into the full marathon clinic swing.

Friday, nice 14K - easy.

Sunday, did 16K and went out a little faster than I wanted to lead the group. There are some new speed demons in this Clinic, so I just have to let them go. You run your 3:20 your way, and I'll run my 3:20 my way... or at least I hope I will! Hugh got picked to spearhead a 3:20 group and off he went. I hope I can keep up to Hugh in Boston!

Oh yeah, my weight is 183 this morning. I miss the occasional glass of red wine, but the second time around the diet seems easier. And now I have people coming up to me and asking diet advice! Oh, who would ever have imagined such a thing... it must be as cold as Hell in Hades!

Tuesday, Seymour and I concocted an 8K tempo run for EVERYBODY in the marathon clinic to give them an idea of where they were at running fitness-wise. We had some newbies who had been running 5K twice a week who had their hearts set on a 3:45... Nothing like a bracing dose of reality. As my good German friend always says, "Vince!, the Data does not lie!"

But we do have some very talented, very fast runners in this clinic. Runners who have been doing 30-40K per week. Should be a wonderful experience to see what they can do. We then sent people to the McMillian web site to project out what a realistic marathon time might be... Seymour seconded me to be the turnaround post at 4K. I ran out in 16:13 and then stood in the cold and the rain for twenty-five minutes for everyone to stream past. Once Paul, our valiant sweeper had showed up I headed back, and after seducing the canine I decided to add a second 4K tempo run. I returned to the store in 18:32, so my combined times for the full 8K was somewhere between 34 and 35 minutes.

Wednesday, did 10K in 50:35 (last week, 46:33 for 10.3K). Hugh was the voice of reason and I scaled back my efforts about five or six percent. I think most people were still feeling the effects of the 8K from the previous evening. What a diffence a few percentage points can make. I could talk quite comfortably the whole way, and realized about halfway through the run that Hugh and I were replicating our Kelowna 3:29 marathon pace to a T. Will have to turn down the screws a little for a 3:19 in Boston... But my goal weight of 170 should help immensely.

Should be about fifty people in the marathon clinic when all is said and done. Great to see so many familiar faces and wonderful to see so many new people excited by the idea of tackling their first marathon. It will be a treat to watch their progress and a source of inspiration to bask in their enthusiasm. It really does rub off on you.


Blogger robtherunner said...

The marathon clinic sounds great. The local Fleet Feet store is beginning a marathon clinic as well at the end of January, which I will be helping out with. It should be a lot of fun to be able to run with those who are training for their first marathon.

5:23:00 PM  
Blogger *jeanne* said...

I could qualify for Boston...if I couls take off about 2 HOURS from my current marathon times! ha-ha-ha!

But GOOD LUCK to you! YOU can do it! You WILL do it!



By the way, "Hi!" (E!!ie sent me)

9:32:00 PM  

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