Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday Morning in the Rain

Sunday morning 8K Race in Shaughnessey. And yes, that hill behind us is the start of the race. I woke up at six am to a torrential downpour and a forecast of rain all morning. It actually cleared up for the race, but I dressed for a flood. I hate running in tights and it ended up being warm, with high humidity. Of course at the end while standing around for the draws, we all nearly developed hypothermia...

The Gang. Hugh, Patrick, myself and Luisa. Respectively, fifth, fifth and fourth in their age brackets. Not too shabby for a race with 450 runners. Of course all three of them were dogging it.... (I came in 11th...)

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Luisa demonstrating the aerodynamic efficiency for which she is renowned. She's also training for a tri.

I ran the race in 37 - plus minutes. I eased off a little because of all the racing I have been doing and a slow start really seemed to help.

I quite surprised myself by only finishing a minute behind Hugh. More importantly I didn't beat myself up.

I was sure surprised by the new muscles I had discovered while biking though!

Thanks to Michelle for the photos!


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Nice time in the 8K!

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