Monday, May 29, 2006

Torture Device

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That's right, this thing is a torture device for the uninitiated! After a couple of hours with Michael on Saturday afternoon - at least an hour of which was spent in a biking tutorial - I woke up on Sunday morning a bit of a mess.

My shoulders ached, my crotch felt like I'd received a swift kick, my hands hurt, my neck was stiff and my feet throbbed. This is quite the little learning curve I have found myself at the bottom of...

Experience tells me I am looking at somewhere in the vicinity of twenty hours to get comfortable before I can even begin to experience the conditioning effects and benefits of cross-training on the bike. And to decrease my stiffness I am going to need to start by riding at least every other day. By my calculations, it will take me about a month to get comfortable. And I can see that riding is going to be a lot like running - it will take a gradual build-up of mileage on the long rides before my body is going to adapt. The muscles you use are really very different.

What have I got myself into!


Blogger Anthony Epp said...

But Vince... you look like a cyclist :)...

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