Saturday, December 02, 2006

Enjoying the Simple Pleasures

Saturday morning, early. The mercury hovering around the freezing point.

Weighed in this morning at 189.

Ran just under sixteen kilometres in an hour and a half with Patrick, who had to head out of town on a business trip Sunday morning. We were layered head to toe and headed out around the Sea Wall.

The skies had cleared, and despite the chill and the snow and ice crackling and snapping underfoot, with the sun breaking through it was a glorious morning for a run. Ten kilometres an hour was a perfect pace, our breathing easy as our exhalations left steamy clouds in our wake. The winter sun struggled to warm our faces and in the end I had to pull my gloves off.

Followed the run with farm eggs over easy, whole wheat slices toasted to crunchy perfection, savory Italian sausages and homefries and washed it all down with steaming hot cups of coffee.

Add the company and the conversation of a good friend and it's hard to beat the simple pleasures in life.


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